Electronic Switch-Mode DC-DC regulator UBEC 8A (2-3S) Hobbywing

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This UBEC is an external switching mode DC-DC regulator; it draws DC voltage from 2-3S LiPo battery, drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receivers and other electronic devices, and keeps providing the stable current output of up to 8Amp. As the UBEC has such a powerful output capability, so it’s particularly applicable for 30+ Class nitro helicopters and large fixed-wing aircraft.

Part Number
Output Voltage/Current (Cont./Peak): 5V@8A /15A or 6V@8A/15A (adjust via control switch)
Quiescent Current:60mA
Input Voltage:6-12.6V (2-3S LiPo)
Size:42x39x9mm (LxWxH)

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